Trust in our own skills. The art of simplicity, the courage to be creative, with a sense of what is important. In the conviction of working with the right producers. Gladly from the region. Always seasonal.


Head Chef
Enthusiasm | Indulgence

… gives the Broeding its unadulterated taste and perfect craftsmanship. His cooking reveals the essence of products, they are the focus of his work. He is passionate about regional ingredients, looks for


hidden pleasures with products that he has got to know and tried himself. Full of courage and enthusiasm for new unusual combinations of flavours, he strives to present the authenticity of every single product. From a culinary perspective, he looks for little tucked away roads off the beaten track that sometimes take him to his final destination via a few detours. At the end, he finds unique | fresh | tasty highlights.


Experience | Development

… he founded the Broeding 25 years ago and has protected it from standing still in any shape or form. Turned it into a place that reinvents itself time and time again and yet has also never changed.


As a sommelier, his specialism is Austria’s wines, which still give the restaurant its distinctive profile today. There is a lot to discover, which is why you can find him at winemakers, in vineyards as wine is so much more than just a suitable accompaniment to food. He knows the stories behind the wine, the winemakers’ faces and therefore brings the origin of every wine to life in the glass. Just like all independent | sensual | sensuous relationships that food and drink can actually enter into.


Curiosity | Excitement



the wine


Harmony | Organisation

… is the typical Bavarian with Iranian roots in the team. The qualified business engineer is an organisational all-round talent who can


fill in | take over | moderate anywhere. With his love of wine, he’s in just the right place at the Broeding. He’s the communicative one, he really enjoys large tables in restaurants - often a challenge for service. Michael makes everyone feel as if they are getting a personal service, however large the group is.


Action | Imagination

… is a valuable enrichment to the Broeding team. As he creates the non-alcoholic drinks to accompany the food in the restaurant -


after several years as a barkeeper and co-manager of the legendary Iwan’s Bar in Munich. Besides his excellent drinks creations, he supports his colleagues and fills in anywhere urgent help is needed. Fast | skilful | helpful. When he’s not on the road as a long-distance runner or climbing with the Huber brothers. As standing still is not his thing.


Routine | Tradition

… has two culinary lives, the first one at Preysingkeller, the second at the Broeding. All or nothing, half measures are not his thing.


The trained chef from Baden-Württemberg is always in demand with colleagues when it comes to culinary classics as he is particularly knowledgeable about these. But service is also his playground. He confidently | charmingly | expertly allays any of the guests’ uncertainties. A grand seigneur of the old school.


Authentic | Curious



Back in Munich


Vegetarian | Concentration

… is probably the only chef in Munich who works with meat but follows a purely vegetarian diet himself. Not a contradiction for Stefan.


Calm and concentration are his strengths, which are important in the fairly small kitchen at the Broeding. Quiet | concentrated | focussed. He is often referred to as “a rock” in stressful situations. His passion: grinding knives until they’re really sharp.


Authentic | Hot

… was the first apprentice at the Broeding. Following several other positions, he came back here again. And has now been at the restaurant for 15 years.


In terms of cooking he likes things meaty | spicy | unusual and is also known to drink fish sauce for breakfast now and again. A chef’s most important tool? His knife. Not surprising that Alex is into Damascus steel.


Enthusiasm I imagination

…seine Küche kennt keine Grenze. Julian hat nach seiner Koch-Ausbildung in München in den unterschiedlichen Küchen in Frankreich und in Italien gearbeitet.


He particularly likes peppers and chillies. Being a chef is the only real profession for him because he loves the variety and can enjoy three directions at the same time: slaughtering, cooking, baking.


Precision | Communication



the focus is on sustainable, fresh products which he creates perfectly balanced and seasoned dishes out of. His cooking style: classic | straightforward | precise. The Broeding is more than just a place of work for him, it is his second family, which is why he is looking forward to the years ahead with his colleagues and guests.


Passion | Communication

… get in the kitchen, going into the countryside. Contrasts boost his creativity.


Calm and concentration are his strengths, which are important in the fairly small kitchen at the Broeding. Quiet | concentrated | focussed. He is often referred to as “a rock” in stressful situations. His passion: grinding knives until they’re really sharp.

With the conviction of working
with the right producers. Gladly from the region.
Always seasonal.

Our Dorli

Braunvieh | Cheese | Culture

… Dorli lives in South Tyrol on Alexander Agethle’s Englhof farm. The two of them take care of the mountain cheese that is regularly the cheese course at Broeding with our label on it. A very special cheese and not just because it provides an intensive | spicy | full-bodied finish to our menu. It’s the story behind the cheese that makes it really exceptional. The Agethle family has lived on the Englhof for more than 200 years, it encompasses 10 hectares, 9 hectares of it grassland and 1 hectare of crops, everything is farmed organically. Agethle offers sponsorships for his cattle, you can adopt an animal for €500. This sponsorship is primarily ideal support for the business and a contribution towards strengthening organic farming in the Upper Vinschgau, Dorli’s home. 


There is a certificate for the sponsored animal, you can visit it on the farm and taste the cheese of course. As if that’s not enough. Agethle has financed the rebuilding of his cheese dairy through the “Englhörner crowdfunding” project to make Dorli’s cheese even better. For an investment of €500 there were 110 so-called “Englhörner” that can be swapped for cheese. You get 200 grams of cheese per Englhorn, so 22 kilograms of the finest unpasteurised cheese per investment in total. The kind of project that really appeals to us. Taking responsibility together, indulging together. If you like the taste of Dorli’s cheese just as much and would like to be a sponsor, we will be happy to put you in touch with the Englhof.


Freshness | Vitality

… the aim of our kitchen and our chefs is to prepare fresh and healthy food without long transported distances, intensive farming and insecticides for all our guests. In order to be able to select and decide how to grow our “greens” as much as possible ourselves, we grow our own vegetables in the Loisachtal near Wolfratshausen. It was simply important to us to get vegetables that are as local | fresh | organic as possible. We have planted many old, low-yielding but all the more tasty varieties in the glasshouses. Since then, the tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, chilli and many more have been grown by us in organic quality.


You can't get fresher and more seasonal ingredients.


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Monday - Saturday open from 6pm
The 3-course after-work-dinner can be ordered only from 17.30-18.00 pm. The stay is limited until 19.30 pm.
The 5- or 6-course-menu can be booked starting from 17.30 pm.

Monday - Saturday from 3.00pm
Sunday and on some public holidays

Can you book our entire premises?
Of course, you can, also for lunch time and/or public holidays.

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